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Eucharistic Adoration during Advent

Advent is a time of preparation for the coming of the Lord at the end of times and for Christmas.  As part of our spiritual preparation at St. Joan of Arc, we are offering Eucharistic Adoration each Sunday during Advent.  After the 1115 Mass on Sunday, we will expose the Blessed Sacrament and maintain it in the Church until 2 PM.

Everyone is welcome to attend and spend time in quiet prayer and reflection with the Lord.  You can stay for 5 minutes or for the entire time.  We will not be taking attendance!!!

Often people ask:  "what do I do during Eucharistic Adoration?"   It's really simple!  Just:

Pray -- offer formal prayer (like the Rosary) or informal/personal prayer.  Pray for certain intentions or for our Church, our Archdiocese, our Nation, our Parish, our School and our Aberdeen community!

Read -- read sacred scripture (The Bible) or other Christian literature. From the Bible....consider reading the first two chapters of Luke's Gospel on the infancy narratives -- these are perfect for Advent!   Or prepare yourself for Advent by reading the daily readings out of "The Word Among Us" or other books on Advent.  

Just Be!!!  -- just sit quietly in the presence of the Lord!!!  Thank Him for all you have in your life.  Ask Him for assistance and aid in those personal areas that you or others in your family need help.  If you need a verse to contemplate on or meditate on to get you in a "good place", read and meditate on the "Magnificant", from Luke 1:46-55.  This great prayer of Mary is perfect for reflecting on what God has done in our lives......and it prepares us for the miracle and the majesty of Christmas!!!

God Bless You and we hope to see you in the pews!!!