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Generosity literally means "full of giving life." Similarly, if we pour ourselves out in generous service on behalf of the family of God, the results will be life-giving, as many more children of God will feel at home at St. Joan of Arc parish. Those ministries active in the development of the material, financial and human resources of the church" are listed below.

Special occasions in the lives of family and friends are traditionally marked by gift giving.  In times of concern: sickness and death, we send flowers and cards.  In times of happiness: birthdays, anniversaries and holidays, we send other appropriate gifts.

SJA Church is offering parishioners the opportunity to contribute electronically.  EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) allows parishioners to automatically send financial contributions from your bank to SJA Church.  EFT eliminates the need for remembering your envelope and checkbook each Sunday before Mass. Even on weeks that you are unable to attend Mass, EFT will ensure that you can still meet your financial commitment.

To coordinate the fund-raising efforts of all organizations within the parish. The Standing Committee helps to insure the success of proposed events that have fund raising as a means for supporting a financial need approved by the Parish Council.

People make charitable contributions for many different reasons.  Some give to show compassion and support, while others want to make a positive impact on society or the environment.  Many people, however are not aware of the tax reductions and financial advantages associated with charitable giving.

The Father Francis P. Wagner Memorial Wall is a wonderful way to remember your loved ones.  The wall is located just inside the main entrance to our school.  You may purchase a brick in someone's name for $100.  An engraved plate is then attached to a brick.

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